The DeKalb Soil and Water Conservation District supports and initiates environmental education and stewardship opportunities for DeKalb residents, schools and stakeholders in both the private and public sectors.  While the District does not have governing or enforcement powers, their influence has coalesced local, State and Federal action to address land disturbance, soil erosion and ordinance enforcement in cities and unincorporated areas across DeKalb County.

Programming includes (but is not limited to):

- Educational workshops and presentations to members of Home Owner Associations, Garden Clubs, farmer' markets and more.

- Teacher coaching, resource support and programming support (for school gardens, enviromental education and both Project-Based  and Problem-Based Learning experiences (standards-based PBL).

- Soil Erosion and Control inspectors' certification and re-certification workshops.

- Urban farming support, including grant opportunities through USDA/NRCS, education and consulting.

- Legislative outreach to promote stewardship of natural resources as economic assets for the DeKalb community.

- Youth mentorship activity, such as participating in middle and high school "Career Days" events, working with teens in the Atlanta Urban Ecology program, supporting Girl and Boy Scout initiatives and encouraging youth to connect with Nature in "Kids in Conservation" workshops.

For more information on existingprograms, or to discuss ways we can support your goals for environmental stewardship, please contact us!